Blackberry Storm 3 : An Impressive Phone

Blackberrys Storm was released as a follow up to the Torch 9800, which had a slide out keyboard and touch-screen capabilities. The Storm brought Blackberry fully into the touch-screen market. After the Storm came the Storm 2, with fuller features and more memory and the Storm 3 is said to have even more memory, as well as an upgraded camera. All indications are that the size and weight will be about the same as the Storm 2 with its 3.25 touch-screen, but there are rumors (and images on the web) suggesting that the new Storm 3 will utilize a larger 3.7 screen.

At time of this writing the Storm 3 has not yet been released so it is difficult to make a detailed comparison, but initial reports indicate that the storm may be smaller and lighter than previous Torch models, and will likely be on par with the current Storm 2 model. As with the Storm 2, the Storm 3 will undoubtedly have a virtual keyboard. The Torch 9800 utilizes a slide out QWERTY keypad as well as a virtual keypad.

The Storm 3 will be a world edition smartphone that can be utilized across a range of networks. They will retain 802.11 Wi-Fi technology, which will allow users to surf the web wherever a hotspot exists. The Storm 3 will likely employ 4G capabilities, something that its predecessors the Storm and Storm 2 have not done. Both of the previous models are 3G compatible only. There may also be a chance that the new Storm 3 will function as a mobile hotspot, allowing other devices to connect to it and obtain Internet access.

Blackberry OS 6.0 may remain the standard operating system for the Storm units and the Torch, but there are suggestions that a Blackberry OS 7.0 may be introduced. Whatever the operating system no alternative operating systems will likely be offered for these phones. The OS will be customized to fit the specific features of the Storm units. A native webkit from Research in Motion will likely be utilized in the Storm 3, which is considered one of the best editions of web enabling software. The Storm 3 will likely offer an upgraded camera in a 5 mega-pixel version. There is also talk that this camera may actually be as powerful as an 8 mega-pixel version.

Without the new release a detailed comparison is difficult to make at this time, however the features of the Storm 2 should be enough to get Torch 9800 users on board for an upgrade, and it may be wise to hold out for the release of Blackberrys Storm 3.

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