Buying Cell Phones

The Fine Print of Cell Phone Purchases

Be sure to read the fine print when you buy a cell phone with a one or two year contract or pay-per use agreement. Consider how many minutes you plan to use the cell phone each month. Weigh the prices of both types of agreements before signing on the dotted line. If you'll be using your cell phone a lot, then it would be worth it to have a long-term contract.

Try considering the features you want. You can get more features for less money or even as a bonus at no charge if you go with the long-term plans. Ask if all your features, such as caller ID, will work when roaming. Also with any plan, consider if long distance is included. What are the usual roaming charges, connection fees, or hidden fees in the plan?

Ask about Factory Warranties

If your phone breaks or gets stolen or lost, some cell phone companies will replace it. Before buying a cell phone, you should first consider the warranty. Cell phones are typically carried everywhere you go: in a purse, pants pocket, shirt pocket, on a belt case, and even out in wet weather. Because they're so mobile, cell phones can easily be damaged or broken. The warranty will give you peace of mind when carrying and using your cell phone.

Buying Your Cell Phone Online

When buying cell phones online, be sure the phone is up-to-date and carries all the features you want. You can visit a local venue to purchase minutes or sign for a contract even if you buy your cell phone online. Be sure you trust the company you bought your cell phone from.

From electronics shopping malls online, you can find brand names of electronics and cell phones like Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, etc. at a discounted price. Computer products, an Xbox, games, etc. are among the things you can shop for while at the mall.

Use these cell phone tips to find the phone you need for work or play!

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