Changing Your Domestic Phone Provider

Everyone seems to be under the gun as far as finances are concerned, and one of the areas being scrutinized for possible savings is the monthly household bill. Although many are used to shopping around for the best price from and energy provider, fewer will look at a bundled package of TV, phone and internet and consider alternative providers for each.

However, if you are willing to break your phone service out from a bundled package, you can find that you get a lot of extra savings from a Voip system handling your phone calls. This lets you use your broadband connection to make voice calls, and rates from providers for both domestic and international calls can be incredibly cheap compared to a standard phone company. Using your Voip system just involves downloading and installing a program on your computer, you can then use this to make and receive calls, or integrate this with a special Voip phone handset which gives you a physical phone to use if you prefer.

As far as installation goes, it is usually as simple as plugging an extra box into your broadband socket, you can then use the broadband line to handle your incoming and outgoing calls. In the days of dial up connections, the bandwidth available made voice quality extremely poor, but now with the increase in broadband bandwidth and connection speeds, the quality of call can be every bit as good as a dedicated phone line. This can stay in place for a residential system or, if you are out an about, using a dongle on a laptop will let you connect to your Voip account and take your phone coverage with you as you travel.

Another great feature of Voip plans is that you normally get lots of extra features included. Nearly all plans will include valuable extras like caller ID, voice mail and other things you would expect to have to pay for as a premium with a landline company. You can usually configure these via the desktop software you will be provided with, however providers will have a full technical support desk able to help you out with any difficulties.


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