Dell Venue Pro Review article

The Dell Venue Pro would be the second-to-last launch device to sport the brand new Windows Phone 7 main system. You'll be able that they've saved the most effective with the end, though, because the Venue Pro includes slick slide-down keyboard, fantastic building, and great performance. The sleek form factor comes at a price though, this smarpthone isn't for all. On this review we'll cover the hardware and software of your phone leaving you by using a final reccomendation on whether you should buy a Venue Pro.

The Dell Venue Pro easily supplants them all mainly because it takes the trophy within the design category. Almost any area of the phone's design radiates feeling of quality craftsmanship which doesn't skimp in relation to appeal and construction. Sporting some hard lines which can be accented elegantly by its chrome side plates and rubberized bottom and top edges, the Dell Venue Pro is basically the epitome of your alluring industrial designed smartphone - despite having its patterned plastic back cover. Angular cutouts found on the bottom and top sides carefully provide some character to its subtle curved display surface. Sizing up in a healthy 4-inches, its AMOLED display with WVGA (480 x 800) resolution creates a striking collaboration that's heavy on lush colors and fine details.Trying to open the handset, there's a moderate volume of resistance that's felt when sliding the phone to reveal its portrait style QWERTY keyboard.After that, we're greeted to the 4-row layout which involves tiny looking plastic buttons that are fitted with no spacing amongst the other person. Although it might look flush to the surface, buttons are slightly bubbled towards the middle to provide a subtle volume of distinction from a single another.

Just like the other Windows Phone 7 handsets out on the market, the Dell Venue Pro can be sporting a speedy 1GHz Snapdragon processor with 512MB of RAM and 1024MB of ROM. Again, celebrate for the responsive knowledge of navigating the halls of Windows Phone 7 without any noticeable evidence of lag or slowdown - and isn't the consistent theme we have seen while using the platform? Scrolling long lists or getting around its dynamic looking homescreen interface is not any problem for this equipped smartphone as everything you do exhibits a responsive performance. Personalization may still be skimp versus other mobile platforms, however , you can modify its color theme and navigate around some tiles to the homescreen to your liking. And ever since the Dell Venue Pro sports a portrait style keyboard, you are not going to come upon any anomalies while using the platform, unlike with the LG Quantum.the handset's physical keyboard probably will be the first choice in terms of inputting text. However, the on-screen options be useful likewise simply because the Dell Venue Pro's large screen provides ample sized buttons and also a responsive nature to create speed typing a really joy. And naturally, the landscape option will only enhance the experience mainly because it provides your fingers with adequate space.

Camera and Multimedia
The Venue Pro can record video at 720p, but, like the other Windows Phone 7 device, doesn't "remember" your resolution setting. Any time you shoot video you need to choose 720p. That's annoying.For still photography, the Venue Pro takes photos at five megapixels that will do autofocus (but is not touch-to-focus). Here are a couple samples: indoor, indoor macro, outdoor. Basically from the samples, the camera has trouble concentrating on close-up objects, and also does not accurately portray colors.

Internet and Connectivity
As being a high-end smartphone and, it'll prove its worth on trips overseas since its a quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) and tri-band UMTS (850/1700/2100 MHz) device. Domestically, you can actually obtain 3G speeds through T-Mobile's network, however in the presentation that it is not present, it is easy to exchange signal of utilizing the handset's built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. Finally, the Dell Venue Pro sports Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR make it possible for other wireless devices, like headsets, to plug while using the smartphone.Large screen, check. Fast processor with you, check. The few two items alone result in the web browsing experience very uplifting and usable featuring a fast page loads, fluid responsiveness in scrolling, and housing to determine complex web sites completely fidelity. Additionally, it features double tap and multi-touch gesture support to zoom in/out to specific portions of your page.

Even if its earpiece has the capacity to emit some blasting tones, there is a tiny amount of static noise that's noticeable when volume is positioned to its maximum. Moreover, voices through it sound muffled while our callers didn't have any problems hearing our distinctive and neutral toned voices on end.The handset aggressively dropping signal bars just by grasping it towards the bottom edge. In reality, it went from 5 full bars completely down none inside of a few minutes, and upon letting it go, the amount of bars would eventually get back on normal.

Battery life
Battery life to the Venue Pro was above average. With heavy use, expect to finish about a day and half using one charge. With moderate use, you'll be able to go the complete two day without plugging in. Top notch!


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