Don't Miss your Business Emails in Venezuela!

Venezuela is as much a Caribbean country as it is a South American one. Parts of its shoreline could easily be mistaken for that of some paradisiacal Caribbean island, and at night the discos in Caracas come alive with rhythms from all over the Caribbean. However, while in Venezuela it would be really great if you can in between check your official mails amidst this myriad experience. Isn't it?

Hosted Outlook Exchange gives you the ability to check your mail on your mobile device when you are away from the office enjoying your trip! By setting up your phone with hosted Microsoft Outlook Exchange, you can access your mails, task list, notes, calendar, etc. hassle-free and quickly! Enjoy spam and virus free Exchange hosting. However, before synchronizing with Exchange email hosting, you should check with the local wireless providers of Venezuela regarding the schemes and offers on the pre-paid and post-paid data plans. Also, since you are visiting from another country, you should verify with your own country's local providers as to whether they provide data roaming arrangements that allow access to Exchange web hosting with the visiting country's, i.e., Venezuela's carriers.

Venezuela has a population of over 26,414,816 out of which most of the populace speak Spanish. So now you must be thinking how the local residents will access the Exchange Mail options. But not to worry! Hosted Exchange 2010 is available in multiple language packs which include Spanish as well. So, the residents of Venezuela can access the Exchange Hosted features in their own local language.

Thus, be a resident or non-resident of Venezuela, accessing Microsoft Exchange Hosting facility on your mobile device is a painless task just made for you!

What more, if mobile access is too expensive or not available, you can always access your Outlook Exchange Hosting emails from a browser or in an internet caf© using Outlook Web Access or Outlook Web App. If you are carrying a laptop, you can get Wi-Fi or landline connections at Hotels, Internet cafes and Airports.


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