Finding the Best Features You Need from Pocket Size Camera Reviews

Certain pocket sized camera makers will always stand out from the rest. Usually, it's the ones that have been around for awhile and who have the experience and resources to improve on digital photography.
There's no apparent decline in demand for digital cameras with plenty of features but there are hundreds to choose from, and that level of competition means that the consumer benefits from companies trying to outdo each other. The following digital cameras are good ones to consider if you're in the market for something special.

The first camera we'll look at is the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9 that seems to have compromised in certain areas. Although some people love this quality, we found the images to be consistently too soft. This camera works well for quick shooting purposes which may appeal to some hobbyists. This digital camera is able to perform under a variety of conditions, as well. This ultra-compact camera has a 12 megapixel capability, 4X zoom, and a 3.5 inch color TFT matrix LCD display. The battery life is not as long as we'd like, in addition to the photo softness issue. If you're interested in this camera, you will need to do additional research as there are too many features to adequately cover in this article.

The next camera we'll be looking at is the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 which is built for the outdoors.

It's rated waterproof meaning it can go underwater up to a little over 30 feet. This ultra compact camera lives up to its name of tough. It has the standard LCD display, zoom, and built in flash, and has 14 megapixels of resolution, which can be considered overkill. But the market for this camera is most likely those that love the rugged outdoors and who need a camera that can take some punishment from the elements. In addition to being waterproof, it's also supposed to be able to withstand a six foot drop. It's also reported to be freeze and crush proof. Now, that's tough!

Finally, there's the F31fd digital compact camera by Fuji. This camera has outstanding ISO standards that lead to amazing image quality. In fact, this is the camera that defied conventional emphasis on pixel count. The average photographer only need high pixel counts in rare conditions. So this camera traded off high pixel numbers for low light abilities and has proven to be a major competitor just the same. This camera is also well liked for its performance as a high speed camera and its long battery life. There you have it, just a few of the lower end (in our opinion) pocket size cameras. Some of these would be great to test out to see how you may like this variety of digital ultra-compacts if you've never used one before. They are priced very reasonably and do provide decent enough picture quality.This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on all inclusive couples resorts.


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