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The Apple iPhone 4 has created quite a stir among fans of phone worldwide and has pushed hard for many people. This is a beautiful and fascinating features, which are beautiful and very useful, such as HD video recording, super-high-resolution screen and small. It pushes innovation to the edge which makes it one of the best inventions of the century.

However, things are a little different right now - not only was the iPhone 3GS a not so good and functional update to the original iPhone but there are finally decent alternatives in the smart phone market, with the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S leading the Android fight right to Apple's door. It causes a great success among the followers is constantly trying to see what makes at the top of the smartphone market. Each of those units address different kinds of usability and functionalities and they have been great in one way or another.

Apple iPhone has been struggling a lot since the dawn of its competitors. Add to this the first major flight of an Apple product a couple of months before its release, and suddenly the iPhone 4 has much to do to impress a lot of people around the world. Apple then unleashed its big guns to create a unit that can wow the world in more ways than one. The design was great in itself and it is so sleek and pretty, sometimes people call it sexy that it beats other phones' designs.

Steve Jobs' presentation on stage to unveil a new iPhone might have got a little repetitive of its features but this is the first time since the first iPhone way back in January 2007 that we've seen a difference and some changes on the standard iPhone design.

They have now veered away from the traditional curved back and plastic exterior with slightly chunky dimensions. It has now a chassis that measures only 9.3 mm thin at its thickest point and a new stainless steel and glass industrial design.

It's the same weight as the iPhone 3GS to 137g, but it is much smaller, with dimensions of 115.2mm x58.6 mm x 9.3mm mm with stainless steel edges, it feels like a much more heavier and more compact. The front and back of the phone are made of glass, which was also treated to be much stronger and more durable than normal glass used in other phones.

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