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After the success of Corby and Corby Pro, Samsung has launched several phones within the Corby family. These phones cater on the different needs and requirements that a cellular owner would want from their phones. Samsung may be known to offer the features that are mainly restricted on the expensive phones, in their economy phones. With the Corby Pro, the feature which will be accessible is a slide QWERTY keypad. The keypad is much better than the faux QWERTY keypads that are accessible in phones like the Corby Pro or even the Blackberry, because it provides more resting space for the fingers and is actually a miniature keyboard. Here are some with the other features with the Corby Pro that make it a sure buy:

Social Networking:

Social Networking is a latest buzz with phones, with individuals wanting to keep in touch with their friends and families at every moment of their life. Then again, some social networking sites like Twitter have their best use only when the person is not at their computer - like a quick review of a restaurant that they are at. The Corby Pro understands this and has built in support for most with the famous social networking websites today.

Good Camera:

The Samsung Corby Pro is equipped with a better camera than other cellphone models that are accessible within the said price range. This cellphone has a 3.two stunner and can capture photos in high quality and resolution. Also, the user has several autofocus options as well as the basic editing options that would be accessible in a higher end camera cellphone.

Big Display:

So, what comes to your mind when you hear that the cell cellphone has a sliding QWERTY keypad? - That's right a big display screen. The Samsung Corby has one with the largest display screen sizes within the accessible price range and it supports the general video formats like 3GPP, MP4, WMV etc. this makes the cellphone a great buy for those who want to watch some movies while on the run.

Radio with RDS:

Nowadays, certain cellphone provides the greatest music quality but someone forget to put within the radio, keeping the cellphone from being the greatest buy in recent times. However, the Samsung Corby Pro provides a very good music player as well as a radio with RDS. The music quality that the this cellphone provides is quite as much as the mark, but it will be restricted on the earphones, like most other phones.

These are just some with the features that makes the Samsung Corby Pro stand apart from your numerous cellphone models within the given price range.

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