How I Realised the True Quality of Mobile Gaming

For me, mobile or handheld gaming as always played second fiddle to their more grown up console-based counterparts. I've always enjoyed sitting down and playing a good, long game of Halo, Tomb Raider or Resident evil than I have sitting on the bus starting at a tiny screen squinting at cartoon bandicoots or trying to play badly adapted console classics on a far inferior processor. In recent times, that has began to change however. Don't get me wrong, I once hated mobile gaming more than anyone, but with the release of the iPhone and slow trickle of quality games I'm starting to come around. Its just annoying when you see adverts for cheap vans pop up.

I used to hate the cutesy unsophisticated two dimensional graphics, silly sounds and childish cartoon characters, but I've learned to love these things over time. They certainly still don't boast the processing power of even a PS2, but developers have harnessed things like the accelerometer to good use. Games like angry birds and cut the rope fuse attractive stylized graphics with a great physics engine that makes for an engaging, addictive game., just like uk car leasing is addictive.

In a flash of genius, Apple has now released the 'Games Centre' an online hub for all your achievements and high scores where you can add friends and challenge them to online games. You can also compare scores which gives you a real incentive to keep playing the games. Admittedly I do think only certain types of games work well on the system, for example, racing games where you pilot cars like the mazda mx-5 don't transfer well to mobile since they need a large screen and lost of detail, as well as a big control pad.


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