How to iPhone Headphone Repair

iPhones are the latest craze in detail. They are not only cell phones, but mini computers that allow their users to download numerous applications that range from accounting to games to even music recognition software. An iPhone retails over $400 and when it comes to repairing a broken iPhone, the costs are almost half of that. This can be very expensive for everyone to pay for a phone, especially with the common problems that were observed by iPhone users in recent years.

One of the biggest issues iPhone users have reported with the device is when the iPhone headphone jack stops working. This portion of the phone is so that iPhone users can plug-in headphones and listen to music, watch videos, etc directly off their Apple device. One day an iPhone user will take out their headphones, plug them in, only to find that they are not hearing anything from the ear buds. Often, users will find their buds have short-circuited, when in fact it's the phone.

Before you run over to the Apple store and purchase new headphones, consider where your iPhone has been. pocket? jacket? With all of the places an iPhone goes, they build up dust and lint. Most Apple stores will simply clean out the headphone jack to find dust and lint build-up inside it -- ultimately causing the problem. So instead of running the Apple store and maybe pay the costs of repair, try to remove that building.

Removing Build-Up
Ensure that your iPhone is powered down before attempting to remove anything from the headphone jack. Using the end of a paperclip or a needle, slowly insert it into the jack, press it up against the sides and pull back. If lint fibers or any dust fibers come along with it, then that is most likely your culprit. Be sure that you remove all lint and dust that has built-up inside the jack. Then you can charge your iPhone again and try to use your headset again.

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