The HTC HD7 : An Overview Of Its Specifications And Features

Windows Phone 7 is revolutionizing the cell phone industry and the HTC HD7 is in a great position to take advantage of all of the features built into that operating system. One of the first things you notice about the HD7 is its size. This phone measures 4.3 inches, making it one of the largest phones of its class. The size is well used though, as it's used to sport a huge, first class touchscreen.

Aside from its physical presence, this phone has a lot of built in memory. While other phones require an upgrade or a memory card, this phone out of the box has 16 GB available. If that is not enough however, too bad. There are no slots for additional memory cards. As mentioned, the phone itself is quite large too. The 4.3 inch display area is an LCD panel and many raise concern over the quality of this screen, preferring perhaps the OLED screens on some of the other smartphones. When it comes to viewing ease with this big display however, this phone has one other great feature in a kick-stand just like your old bicycle. Just prop it up, sit back and watch some movies.

The HD7 achilles heel will be its battery life. This phone is large and the screen will use a lot of power from the 3.7V 1,230 mAh battery. A larger battery might help but on a phone this size a larger battery would certainly add some unwanted weight. The HD7 is rated for 6.5 hours of talk time which falls behind many phones in its class that can boast a talk time of over 7 hours. HTCs own Legend is one phone that happens to dominate the market in this respect with a talk time of 12.75 hours.

The 5 mega-pixel camera on the HD7 is a good quality and performs as a camcorder for 720p HD video recording. Photo critics may have something to say about the photographic quality of still images which tend to come out blurry and have a problem with color accuracy. The problems with fuzzy pictures may lie in the less than positive feel of the shutter button which can cause a bit of lag in the shutter.

Many will find that the HTC HD7 is a solid piece of smartphone technology that builds only slightly on its predecessor, the HD2, which ran Windows Mobile 6.5. With Windows Phone 7 and its large 4.3 inch display, the HD7 is a highly ranked handset with lots of great features. If the camera element of your smartphone is an important item, you may want to pay special attention to this phone before making a purchase. Also, remember that longer battery life may be available from other manufacturers, but when it comes to memory, size and overall performance the HD 7 is a first class phone.

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