Is Technology Limitless?

You may be very impressed with the technology we have these days if you have seen science fiction movies from the fifties and sixties. Much of the devices that we dreamed about back then are now realistic devices and in fact what we have now are often much better than the things we were dreaming about. In truth, there was never really a time where we could have pictured the world that we live in today where we have such amazing devices like the iPhone and iPad that can have hundreds of fantastic applications. Anyone who is trying to imagine the gadgets we are going to have in fifty years has their work cut out for them; our technology has come so far in the last few decades who can predict where we will be in another few decades.

It is hard not to wonder about the limits of technology. Will we keep seeing new devices appearing with advanced technology or will there come a day when we have reached a plateau as far as technology is concerned? What kind of world would it be if we had reached the end of technological advancement? It is a peculiar thought but when you think about it, there must be some kind of limit to what we can do. Is it possible for this to continue as it has been going; there are so many people who feel that every time a good idea is thought of, another one will surely follow on.

Technology has brought so many great benefits to our lives, and it is almost certainly going to be a long time before we reach any type of limit if such a technological limit exists. There are bound to be improvements to our technology although what they might be is hard to imagine. For most of us, there will probably come a day when we look at the iPad as being a bit old fashioned.

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