Know more about AT&T and BlackBerry!

For people around 185 countries, AT&T is synonymous to BlackBerry. For a person who carries a BlackBerry phone with him/her, AT&T will be the best wireless carrier. AT&T presents wonderful deals and wireless data plans for commerce.

AT&T BlackBerry services make use of GSM and GPRS technology. Over three billion populace and roughly 80% of the world's wireless market utilize GSM technology. Additionally, GSM offers coverage to more than 212 countries and territories. Despite the fact that CDMA technology, used by wireless carriers such as Sprint and Verizon, is speedy, GSM technology has a superior universal coverage area.

BlackBerry AT&T phones are 3G or Edge enabled for speedy access and have the best Wi-Fi and/or GPS connectivity. For persons who converse a lot, you can prefer a compressed BlackBerry, or one with a full keyboard for heavy text and email users.

For new accounts with a $30/month data service plan and 2-year contract, AT&T BlackBerry phones range in cost from free to $199.99. Note that the price plans of wireless providers change from time to time and may include other charges; consequently, it is suggested that you browse AT&T website for the updated plan options.

AT&T BlackBerry service plans can be bought discretely for voice, data and messaging or as bundles. Nevertheless, some data plans need a well-suited wireless voice plan and vice versa. In addition, some data plans can't be used with BlackBerry Hosted Exchange, while others include hosted BES. To figure out the best data plan or voice/data/messaging bundle for your corporation's particular needs, it's best to first outline what those needs are.

Will your employees be talking more often than messaging? Will some need more access to your corporate network than others? Once you figure out your corporation's needs, we recommend contacting one of the AT&T business solution specialists due to the various restrictions, clauses and area availabilities.


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