Lightweight Vacuums -- Simpler to Use Compared to Weightier Versions But is the Cleaning on Par?

lightweight vacuum cleaners best

As with all modern day innovations Lightweight vacuum cleaners have 'sucked' themselves into the market and it is a good thing, especially since vacuuming forms a frequent part of cleaning! It only makes sense in today's 'health and safety' regulated environment that lighter models make their way into our homes and workplaces whilst upholding the required cleaning functionality. Why else would we then bother to purchase them?

To get consumers to purchase lightweight vacuum cleaners, designers and engineers had to work together to produce machines which were less bulky, easily maneuverable yet still powerful. Special attention was given to the design of the product which would allow the average user to carry the unit up and down stairs and to adjust the height. This would also allow users to 'handle' the unit better and therefore almost eliminating the strain that can sometimes go hand in hand with vacuuming.

But now, before you purchase a new model you might be concerned whether lightweight cleaners are only for 'lightweight' vacuuming compared to its heavy-belt counterparts. It is actually along with a lot relief which i can say that you need never fear concerning the company's product since the development is usually concentrated in the enhanced design and supplies utilized. This being said, not all products are equal and that it is always advisable to purchase a branded vacuum from a reputable company.

Most lightweight vacuum cleaners have fewer parts, or rather, more multifunctional parts than their predecessors and have specifically been designed to make maneuvering more user friendly. Most lightweight vacuum cleaners exclude a self propelled motor and thus require less 'machinery; adding to their light weight. Most of the vacuums also have a filter compared to the old dusty bags which are usually found in older units. These filter 'cups' are also more easy to remove and often contain a clear panel from where you can see the volume of dust and dirt collected.

In doing some research I found that many people were very satisfied with their vacuums as the power to clean was not compromised. The usual complaints in a vacuum cleaner was where individuals could not pick up the hair of their pets but which didn't seem to be the case with the lightweight vacuum cleaners. Further attention can be given to various HEPA products which are the requirement of the EPA and stands for 'High Efficiency Particulate Air'. HEPA filters contain 99.97% of all 0.3 micron particles and will contain spores, molds and even viruses.

Hepa filters are constructed of tiny glass fibers which are weaved collectively as well as compacted in to its paper filter form and it's eve accustomed to include dangerous microscopic materials for example lead and asbestos. It is important to notice that HEPA filters work best with HEPA vacuum cleaners. Indeed there are many options available to you so why not further your knowledge by looking at what lightweight vacuum cleaner will suit your need?


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