Manage Knowledge Bases with SharePoint Hosting Template

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 hosting providers provide easy-to-use templates free with their SharePoint hosting service plans. The SharePoint hosting templates are meant to meet the challenging needs of your day-to-day business operations. These application templates implement scalable business solutions which require minimum administrative effort and speed up operations. These templates take into account common functionalities, roles and requirements for a specific business operation and can be applied to business tasks for creating useful web-based applications.

The Knowledge Base Moss SharePoint Services hosting template is one such template that helps in efficient Knowledge Base management by standardizing and categorizing information. With the basic hosted Microsoft Office SharePoint Server price plan, you get access for unlimited users at a cost as low as $8.95 per month, from hosted solution providers such as Apps4Rent. Additionally available, is a free package of Microsofts 40 SharePoint hosting templates.

Organizations often strive hard to manage volumes of vital information and share it with all members across the organization. The Knowledge Base SharePoint Portal hosting template helps teams to efficiently manage information within their organization. Using this template, you can create new documents with the help of web-based content creation tools and also upload existing documents. It is also possible to tag documents with the intent that others can find and refer to these documents with ease.

The template can be utilized in two ways - a top down approach or a bottom up approach. In the top down approach, a central department passes down appropriate information to the specific members concerned. In the bottom up approach, information from the knowledge base is captured by all team members as a standard business process, and this information can be further dispersed to others within the organization. Thus searching information turns out to be simpler than ever with the Knowledge Base SharePoint hosting template.


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