Motorola CLIQ 2

The Android slider was the first one to run Motorola's Motoblur software, so that it uncomplicated to keep tabs on social networks using widgets, also it backs your info to your cloud. Now the sequel has finally arrived: the Cliq 2 . This Android 2.2 handset sports a better display, a faster processor, as well as a very funky keyboard.

Design and Style
Oval-shaped and sculpted with chrome accents, the Cliq 2 incorporates a higher-end appearance than its predecessor.Battery cover, that produces for the sturdy grip, though this little bit of plastic feels flimsy when detached. The 3.7-inch (854 x 480-pixel) screen represents a major step up in the original Cliq (3.1 inches, 480 x 320 pixels) and is quite bright and sharp.A couple of volume buttons grace the best side, in addition to a dedicated camera key and ringer toggle switch.Measuring 4.2 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches and weighing 6.2 ounces, the Cliq 2 is heavier compared to the Cliq (5.7 ounces) given it comes with a larger display. The T-Mobile G2, another Android slider on T-Mobile, is slightly heavier (6.4 ounces) but incorporates a more luxurious brushed aluminum rear cover.

The CLIQ 2 has grown capacity but will not offer rapid performance. There is certainly noticeable delay in navigating over the home screen. That is in reality more evident if your live wallpapers are widely-used. It's not at all too sluggish in doing other tasks including opening software with kinetic scrolling. Specific widgets of Motorola can get adjusted automatically if your users re-size them. The presentation is just not too attractive because it is cartoonish and boxy. You will find social networking applications within the widget named Happening.

The Cliq 2 features a 5-megapixel camera with dual LED flash. There are numerous settings from which to choose, including many scene modes and effects including Black & White and Sepia. The Cliq 2 also can geotag your shots.Outdoor pictures looked colorful and sharp enough, they were slightly muted. Indoor images with sufficient lighting were also acceptable, but in darker environments the camera struggled. The dual flash had a tendency to blow out close objects and subjects.Although G2 and myTouch 4G can both record 720p video, the Cliq 2 maxes out at 720 x 480.

Multimedia systems
The gallery incorporates a grid like appearance that's not too attractive. The users can share prefer to directly via the gallery. Electrical power editing options which can be ideal for the photo enthusiasts. The music activity player is too good with the tunewiki feature that's much like karaoke. The handset has issues in loading the 720 pixel high definition videos yet it's effective at loading the 800 x 480 pixel videos within the DivX format. The playback is lag free and smooth.

The ear piece would possibly not emit the loudest sound but the overall call quality is satisfactory with the headset. The callers sound neutral by incorporating static around the background. On the other hand, the callers can hear us natural and pronounced. The speaker phone produces clear and audible voices with little distortion. The signal intensity is quite good and there's no issue regarding dropped calls. The battery life of your handset is just not too impressive yet it's average. Pros - good build quality and design, unique keyboard design and high resolution display. Cons - sub par camera general performance and weak battery lifetime.


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