The Nokia E72

If you are using a touch screen phone, it is probably difficult if you move to a device that does not have a touch screen. Even if you use the old HTC Touch or Blackberry and you are trying to update, so the new line of touch-screen smartphone may be tempted to get, but they are too expensive. Fortunately, Nokia provides a viable alternative in the form of the Nokia E72.

It is not a touch screen mobile phone; instead, it uses a physical QWERTY keyboard and the innovative optical touch pad technology which allows you to have the same amount of touch versatility but with a cheaper substitute. The result is a fully dedicated smart phone combines low price with excellent features and powerful hardware. This device is made just right, we ourselves could not think of any other way to further improve this phone's functionality.

More than Touch

The optical touch pad is really incredible, but it alone is not the only reason this phone is so good. The original E71 did not have a touch pad or a 5 mega pixel camera, but I found myself raving about it. Mobile and features were too good to pass up.

Now, the E72 brings back all the great things about the E71. This means all the functionality given by the Symbian operating system is still present. Nokia Maps is still available and with A-GPS to plan routes more quickly and easily. It also has the built in applications for viewing and editing documents, media and other file formats.

The most important thing is that the battery of the E72 is very heavy lithium ion system, which keeps the phone or spend hours. This is a smart phone, and you can expect all the basic functions of the smart phone in the unit and more.

Hello Hardware

If you are unimpressed with the 2.36 inch screen on the Nokia E72; that is probably because you have not tried to see how much quality it can give. The resolution is a good 320 x 240 pixels and it can display up to 16 million colours. It's pretty high quality, which you will need for the various media and web applications that you will get to use on this Symbian mobile phone.

The processor is fast and stable running ARM 11 600 MHz, which is more than enough speed and strength, and most applications for Symbian. This device also has A-GPS (supported by Nokia apps no less), not quite a good in-car GPS device, but it works well as a handheld alternative. The Bluetooth accessory compatibility allows you to use your Bluetooth headset, or if you want, pop in your favourite headphones on the 3.5mm audio jack on the device.

About Battery

The batteries on this phone deserves special mention, at 1500 mAh, there is no other battery out there that delivers this much power and of course, operating lifespan. The E72 will run for over 500 hours of standby and 12 hours of talk time.

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