Pocket Sized Cameras - Amazing New Developments

The ever growing wonders of pocket sized cameras include their use of use and their solid technology. They are designed to take clear, crisp photos with vivid details and colors. People prefer different accessories and opinions differ on photo qualities like the softness of objects. Quality in certain can be affected if the camera maker focuses all their attention on one area. Before buying a pocket size camera, read the following information to acquaint yourself with three of the many options.

Let's start with the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX9, which appears to have made some compromises in certain areas. While some people like soft pictures, we found the images from this camera to be consistently too soft. Some might find this cameras quick shooting capabilities appealing. For the adventurous, this camera performs well under a variety of conditions. The specs on this ultra compact camera are - 12 megapixel capability, 4X zoom, and 3.5 inch color TFT matrix LCD display. We wish the battery life was better along with the photo softness issue. If you are interested in learning more about this camera, you will need to do more research as there are too many features to cover adequately in this article.

Next is the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010, a camera truly built for the outdoors.

Because it can withstand going just beyond 30 feet underwater, this is a waterproof camera. This rugged and tough camera certainly lives up to its name. While it comes with a standard LCD display, zoom, and built in flash, the 14 megapixel resolution seems like overkill to us. The main market for this camera is those who want a camera that can withstand some abuse from the elements because they love the rugged outdoors. Not only is this camera waterproof, but it is designed to take a six foot drop. It is also supposed to withstand freezing and crushing. Talk about tough!
With lots of manual features, the Canon PowerShot S95 is good for those that like to work with their hands. The photos this little gem produces are gems themselves. This camera is ultra compact and comes with a multimedia card, SD memory card, and a 3 inch LCD, as well as having a more reasonable 10 megapixel resolution. This camera uses the pop up variety of flash. This camera makes use of many great features of the S90 model. They did make improvements to the video resolution, increasing it to 720p. They also now allow you to capture up to three photos at different levels of exposure. The camera process these exposures to produce a single image with much more detail.

It's enviable to have to struggle to come up with a follow up to a great product. Finding a great camera for any spec, application, or budget is possible. The range in prices for cameras can start in the low hundreds and go beyond $500. No matter what camera you choose, the important thing is to determine why you need a camera. You can then search for cameras that will meet your needs."This information was brought to you by http://www.eoptics.com, your source for all things related to muai jim."


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