Popular GPS Accessories You'll Want To Know About

The market for GPS systems has grown tremendously because years ago they were just not within reach of the average consumer. But today? Almost everyone has one; either a stand-alone unit or it's integrated with something else. Since the GPS industry has virtually exploded, the accessories industry has followed suit; and you can shop till you drop just looking for the right extras for your GPS navigational needs. Like all other things in life, the range of differences exist in the area of GPS unit accessories - have no doubts about that. So what we did was get busy investigating the most widely-used accessories for GPS', and also to discover what users felt as well. Thanks for being here; read on to discover!

You can find out all about the Garmin Portable Friction Mount which is a popular extra people buy through Amazon.com. Instead of relying on suction cups that will wear out, eventually, it achieves it's ability using friction devices. If your car or truck has a well-angled dashboard, then this one is for you. Your GPS will always be able to be read due to the adjustability of the mount. People who drive the Prius seem more than enamored with this particular GPS mount.

Tons of people seems to appreciate the Garmin 4.3-Inch carrying case. Tons of these carrying cases are being sold at Amazon.com and Newegg.com. Of course you really should get a carrying case because you don't want your GPS to get damaged for no good reason. They shouldn't just be tossed into your hand bag or back seat. You should choose a good case with care and be sure to use it so your GPS will have the maximum amount of protection.

There is an interesting specialty accessory, the Garmin GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor, and it is highly regarded among cyclists. This unit will compute your speed when you're on the road pedaling away. It easily and quickly just attaches on your wrist. So what it also does in addition to your speed is to calculate your pedaling strokes per minute. It is versatile because you can take it to the gym and use it while you're riding a stationary bike. The Forerunner 305, the Edge 305CAD and the Garmin Edge 305 will also work with this sensor. There is also a one year warranty with it, too.

Hardly anyone buys "just" a GPS system or portable unit. It can be a necessity to acquire some certain accessories, too. Now, the use of GPS units has expanded beyond the vehicle. Whether you like walking or pedaling your bicycle, you can make good use a of GPS. Also, those who like to work-out in whatever fashion use them. You can easily figure out the differences among various accessory manufacturers. We hope to have shed some light on this subject, and that you are in a better position to make the best choice for you.

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