Reviews Of Pocket Size Cameras to Read before Shopping

The pocket size camera industry is one area within the consumer electronics community that keeps growing rapidly. You can probably guess that there is a lot of competition among the many manufacturers of this device. The greater amount of competition is good news for you as a consumer. This competition drives the technology forward developing new features and innovations. Now is a great time to explore new technology and advanced features you may want to look for in your pocket size cameras.

If you're looking for a camera with a very small profile, look no further than the Casio Exilim Z1010. Even among ultra-thin cameras this remains one of the slimmest. With 10 megapixel resolution, this digital camera is as feature rich as it is stylish. The fact that the camera is easy to use may very well be the most desirable feature it has to offer. Some people have no interest in learning everything the user's manual has to say about operating a new camera. Many people want a camera that is simple enough to just point and click once the battery is charged. Not only does this camera feature 3x zoom but it also offers stabilization so that shaking hands are not a problem. While we're reluctant to discuss the Nikon Coolpix S3000, we will take a look at this camera out of fairness and because they have made improvements. Nikon has earned a show of respect, after all, because they've been around for awhile. Because this ultra-compact camera is inexpensive, it is good for those with a matching budget. Unfortunately, the S3000 isn't much better than average. It comes with all the standard features like 12 megapixels, etc. But it's LCD screen is a disappointment as it can be quite difficult to see in the sunlight. Being mostly made of plastic gives this camera a cheap look. The image quality is also average meaning the picture quality isn't any better. This camera is for a specific budget and is designed to simply get the job done, nothing more.

The next camera we'll be looking at is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5. While it has slightly lowered ISO's, this pocket size mega-zoom camera produces good pictures. This camera is a decent alternative to other cameras on the market due to its decent complement of features. You will get good image sharpness and quality pictures with this 12.1 megapixel camera that has an ultra-wide lens. You also have the ability to exert manual control with this camera. Along with a 25 mm wide angle lens, this camera gets its ultra-zoom due to the 12X optical zoom capacity. Because mega-zooms don't have a viewfinder, you simply use the 2.7 inch TFT display.

There are too many terrific digital pocket sized cameras with fabulous features to cover in this article. Many of these models are follow ups to correct shortcomings that didn't get noticed until after production. But this isn't really a problem for most people. When looking for a ultra compact camera, keep in mind that people have various uses for their cameras.This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related to 35mm film and slide scanner.


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