Samsung C3050 Overview - Innovative Slider Telephone by Samsung

Samsung Cellular Phones has launched its latest slider telephone, the C3050. This telephone is geared towards the masses not merely in its options, but its cost too. This telephone options the most beneficial cell phones need to offer you. This telephone weighs 86 grams and supports 65 thousand shades on the two inch display screen. It only holds 15 megabytes of memory, however it might be expanded as much as eight gigs having a memory card.

The C3050 offers various music options too. Like most phones, it supports the MP3 file formats for ringtones. It's also Bluetooth suitable and might be related to a printer. It is possible to obtain video games as well as other programs directly from Samsung's web site! It includes an embedded fm radio in addition to a speaker aspect that enables a single to share music with buddies reside!

The web connectivity supports each Dual band and Quad Band frequencies. It supports EDGE, GRSP, and Class ten world wide web suppliers. The digital camera on this telephone is not the most beneficial, however it will take nevertheless photographs which can be shared with buddies, coworkers, and family members. The pixel configuration is often a 640 x 480 resolution.

This telephone is quite great for workplace use too. It offers a extensive number of messaging and e mail options for a single to keep in make contact with using the workplace from a remote spot. It stores 1000 contacts within the handle guide and options a calculator, a calendar, and an alarm clock to alert you to prior appointments.

The C3050 is not just geared to get the job done, but is often a gateway to pleasurable! It has a number of embedded video games that make lengthy auto trips, or airplane rides a little bit far more enjoyable. It also offers a three.five millimeter headphone jack so you will not disturb men and women who sit around you.

You will discover a number of issues that the C3050 does not offer you. It does not offer you a immediate USB connection for entry for your computer system or Wi-Fi connection. It also does not help GPS packages. This telephone does not document video clip possibly. A different complaint normally heard is always that the slider components normally break apart with incredibly tiny strain, leaving a single having a telephone in two components!

In the event you have issues along with your new telephone, Samsung Cellular phones offers excellent client service at no expense. You might even get a cost-free present while you buy your new telephone. Samsung cell phones are a few of the highest ranking phones out there to date, and a few of the least difficult to implement. You might want to get on your own a single now!

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