Starting Out With a Hornby Train Set

hornby train set

Not so many years ago the classic boy's Christmas or birthday present would surely have been a Hornby Train Set. The excitement that the big wrapped box at the foot of the bed or under the Christmas tree created was tangible. In countless households across the country that special day was spent assembling the new layout and proudly running the new engine around the track.

But what about today? Times have changed and model trains are no longer the first choice of every boy when it comes to presents. The pre-eminence of the Hornby train set among gifts has been usurped by the likes of the video game and mobile communication devices.

That is not to say that the model railway set is totally without its followers. Sales still hold up well and the number of different model train sets still offered in their catalogue by Hornby is testament to that. However how many of those train sets are sold to fathers and grandfathers who's interest is perhaps, as much for their own amusement as it might be for the proposed recipient?

A train set offers a convenient doorway into what many aficionados' regard as the world's greatest hobby. It makes a wonderful starting point for building a model railway layout whose limitation is ruled only by the extent of its owner's imagination and commitment.

A new Hornby train set provides an attractively packaged starter kit which is ready to assemble and ready to go. Whilst the boxed set would only provide a basic circle or oval of track it does have the wherewithal to bring that track to life. The layout provided in the box usually conforms to the classic 6ft x 4ft baseboard ideal and comes with a Hornby TrackMat to add realism to the setting. Hornby train sets always come complete with a plug in mains powered transformer, train controller and connecting wires.

The exciting bit of course is in deciding which Hornby train set to invest in. Traditionally it would be a steam engine such as The Flying Scotsman or the latest Nigel Gresley inspired Peregrine Locomotive. But just as popular today might be the Eorostar or the Virgin Trains 125 set. The wide choice of engine sets will mean that there is certainly going to be something to suite everybody.

There is one of the great things about building from a Hornby Train Set. The layout you build is the layout you aspire to or the layout you have always subconsciously dreamed of! With so many accessories open to include sizing as well as realistic look to your personal piece of real estate this is a pastime that can turn out to be really extremely absorbing. You might even be (privately, obviously) happy that the child that you experienced didn't quite decide to try railway modelling in the way you'd informed everybody he might when they asked the selection of Xmas present. Still, it would be a shame to waste it, wouldn't it?


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