Streamlining Your Business

It's a very attractive option to be saving money at the moment, especially if you have a small or home company that needs to keep its head above water in the current economic climate. If you can trim some budget costs this will put you in good shape for whatever turmoil the New Year has to offer, and be a good starting point to attack 2011 with confidence.

One of the areas in which you can make cost savings is by replacing your phone service. A lot of businesses simply use a landline system, but getting alterations such as more lines, or provision for special facilities can be expensive and call rates are certainly at the higher end of the cost market. If you have international customers and need to be on the phone to IT support teams or suppliers abroad, then with a traditional phone system you would expect to have to allocate a sizeable budget just for this activity alone.

By switching to a voip system you not only make considerable cost savings by getting free calls to other voip phones and cheaper calls to landlines, but also many business rates you can get from voip providers will include an allowance of international call minutes as standard, which you can further increase if you need to have this provision for your business. Your internet softphone installation can sit on the office PC, or on your laptop allowing you to take your office contact number and cheap voip rates wherever you go on meetings.

One of the drawbacks mentioned about voip systems is that you need power for a PC to run the software. Seeing that most people also have a mobile phone as backup, and many landline systems are big and complicated enough to require power to the phone handsets, having a power cut is probably going to inconvenience you in other ways more than being able ring people. You do also need a broadband link, and this will preferably need to be a high speed connection so that voice clarity remains good on the calls, however a good quality data connection is another pre-requisite of a successful business so you should be upgrading this anyway if you currently lack one. Despite the perceived problems of voip, these are more than matched by the benefits it provides and the real savings that can be made on calls via a the various voip phone plans you can select.


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