Voip Calls - The Way Forward?

A great way to save yourself some money if you are prone to making a lot of calls is a Voip system. Standing for Voice Over Internet Protocol, this lets you use a broadband connection and some software on your PC to send and receive voice calls over the internet. You can either use a microphone headset plugged into your PC, or more commonly, a proper phone handset that plugs into your computer and broadband socket.

The benefits of a Voip set-up are mainly the cost implications; Voip rates are extremely cheap and very competitive compared to pricing plans from landline phone companies, and the installation of a home Voip system is extremely simple and doesn't require a great deal of technical experience. A great deal of businesses are switching to Voip networks to save on their running costs, but home owners are now waking up to the fact these are easy and cheap to install in a domestic setting too.

Most Voip plans will include software called a softphone. This allows you to make calls directly from your PC provided you have some sort of speaker and microphone input. This means that wherever you can take your PC, laptop or netbook, your phone system can go with you, withoutr haviong to carry around a dedicated phone handset. Many softphone set ups are designed to mimic an actual phone on your desktop, so are extremely easy to use.

Another plus you will enjoy with a Voip package is a whole host of extra features that are included as standard. Most of these would only be available through additional cost options with a landline phone company. Given the way the computer handles the call message information, it's far simpler to present and track this information for the user. This means that you can have voicemail, as it records onto the storage space of your PC, as well as other really useful extras such as Caller ID and emergency dial options that locate your Voip phone to the operator. More advanced features are usually available on higher rates plans or business contracts.


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