What is the Future of the TV?

With all the different types of TVs out there right now, anyone in the market for one has a tough job choosing one. Not only is there still the ongoing battle between LCD and plasma, seemingly one that will never die, we also now have 3D and internet TVs thrown into the mix. That's just the hardware. It it is not just the TV itself you need to consider, you also need think about the software that will allow you to receive programmes?

Then of course there's the size, do you spend that little bit for a few extra inches? Or stick rigidly to your budget? Finally you need to choose a brand, do you go for a Samsung TV or a Sony TV? It depends who you ask, some will swear by LG TVs while others will say the picture is rubbish.

If you have a generous budget, I'd personally go for 3D, it turns TV viewing from something that's just there to a full on visceral experience that engages so much more than 2D pictures. Anyone that's been to see a 3D film at the cinema will be familiar with this technology.

Of course tech goes out of date quicker than a fillet of haddock and it is rumored that there are 3D TVs on the horizon that won't require any glasses. It may be worth holding out for these. Then again, with the rise of on-demand TV showcased through the BBC iPlayer and ITV player an internet TV with software designed by Google might be the right way to go.

Of course with any tech, things are moving so fast that anything you buy will quickly go out of date, even technology on washing machines is advancing rapidly. Whatever you and however much you spend, just ensure that you are buying what's right for you and that it will serve you well for at least a couple of years.


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