What To Do With Your Old Digital Camera

You may have decided to treat yourself to a new digital camera and as such are wondering what you should do with your old one. Many people don't do anything with their old cameras and just leave them lying about gathering dust in the home; this is a pity because most of these cameras still have a lot of life left in them. We all like to have new things but it is not good to be wasteful. Here are just a few ideas about what you can do with your old digital camera.

- When you actually head out to buy your new digital camera, you should check whether you will be able to trade in your old camera at the same time. Not all dealers will provide this option and if you are buying your digital camera online then it is probably a definite no-no. It is something worth considering; although you probably won't make much money on the deal.

- One of the best ways for you to get a bit of extra money is to sell your old digital camera online. Websites such as eBay and Craigslist are the perfect places for you to try and sell your old items. You might end up with more money for your old camera than you expected which is great news.

- When it comes to selling your old items you can always try out the old tried and tested methods. You could stick up a poster in your local shop or workplace advertising your digital camera for sale.

- Car boot sales and flea markets are also great places to sell. The buyers at these events tend to be quite savvy though and they will try to give you the lowest possible price.

- Giving your camera to charity is also something that you could think about doing. This means that others less fortunate than yourself, could also experience the joy of a digital camera.

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