What Will We See From The Technology Sector In 2011?

A lot of people are wondering whether 2011 will be able to live up the expectations set by 2010 in terms of technology. Is it even possible for mobile or non mobile devices to improve any more? Trying to picture devices which are an improvement of what is available at the moment is pretty hard to do. At the start of last year we probably couldn't have predicted some of the advances and the same is going to be true when we reach the end of 2011. The following are some of the things that we might see during 2011.

- Google TV is going to really take over next year. This should have a big impact on our mobile devices and on the way we watch TV. Not only will we be able to watch much more entertainment throughout the day as we move around but we will also have the opportunity to participate more.

- Another application that we will see much more of in the coming months is Facebook and this is going to be much bigger in terms of technology. We may even see a device developed purely for Facebook users. It is predicted that this social media website is going to replace email but maybe it will also lead to the end of mobile phones as well.

- There is bound to be more devices too that will use GPS to interact with out environment. It could even be the case that there will be devices which will tell us which venues to visit for entertainment and whether we are likely to see any of our social media friends there.

It is highly likely that we are going to see some fantastic devices in 2011 not all of the above predictions may come true but some of them will.

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