Wii Golf: Wii Fun

Here's a quick guide on how Wii golf works. What exactly is a Wii, pray tell? Wii is a game platform that is unique in its ability to help you exercise while playing games. You are the very same person on the TV screen as the game plays continuously - and as you hold on to the remote controller, the game tracks your every move accordingly.

What you might not know is that there is now a Wii golf game available to anyone who prefers to play golf indoors rather than outdoors. It's as simple as turning on the Wii, holding your remote control and swinging like you would an actual club. The small character you see on the screen is distinct enough to the eye, and will be swinging at the same time as you. You no longer have to spend all that money on a weekend at the local golf course, but instead you can stay home and invite your friends over and do your golfing in your living room.

The person who invented Wii golf, quite obviously, is a genius - he may be saving you money that you'd usually spend for golf clubs, covers, golfing outfits, golf balls, and anything else that could go to waste if you give up on the sport. If you have a friend who has Wii golf, then you can drop by his or her house and go nuts - not literally, of course - or buy a copy of the game at an electronics or gaming store.

A lot of golf purists have unleashed their proverbial scream, saying that this form of golf is an insult to this otherwise noble sport, but why not give it a shot? Unlike real golf, it might actually be easier for you to convince family members to take up the sport. It is actually very realistic and it seems as if you were actually at the golf course playing. The movements you have to make are the same as the movements you would use in an actual game. A bad swing could end up with the ball getting lost, just like in real life.

There are some things in this game that you won't see in a real-life game of golf, such as the distance indicator and wind indicator, but these can easily be turned off to simulate real life conditions, once you've mastered the nuances of the game.

Putting can sometimes pose a challenge. Putting is what you do toward the end of a hole when you are on the green and you just have a short distance to the hole. Here it is better not to move your whole arms the way you would do if you were really holding a golf club. Your shot will go too far on the Wii if you do that. Flick your wrists using a compact movement to get the best results. You will soon get familiar with what you need to do to sink that ball right in the hole.

Want to know something really great about Wii Golf? There are tournaments for the game just like actual golf tournaments, and you may want to take part in one of them once you've become good enough. Who knows, there might be a tournament organized in your city once you've become proficient. It is a great way to compete and have some fun with your good buddies. It certainly beats practicing all alone.

Wii gaming is getting more and more popular, and the games that come out are improving and multiplying with the Wii's popularity. Who knows, maybe there will even be a Wii golf game available in which you will really turn into Tiger Woods?

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