Buy your Best Audio Record By means of Zoom H4n Recorder

Referred to for providing superb high-quality products at reasonable value, Zoom released its most recent portable handheld recorder, the Zoom H4n Recorder. This Zoom H4n Recorder is definitely pre-loaded with new attributes and improved user expertise. The recorder offers longer stereo recording when compared to the Zoom H1 that is equipped with an modest 10 hour continuous operation using one AA battery, and even better when compared to the H2 recording that presents 4 hours operation on a small number of AA alkaline batteries. If one draws an evaluation between H4n with the H2 Handy Recorder, the Zoom H4n Recorder is armed with lots of features that would match the needs of a qualified.

The handy recorder presents sophisticated recording experience featuring new on-board X/Y hifi condenser microphones to several channel simultaneous recording. This digitally-controlled microphone preamplifier assures world-class audio quality, with easy adjustments in the fly and automatic tier setting for quick tier optimizing. Being broadcast-ready, the Zoom H4n Recorder is definitely armed with time-stamp and also track-markers, coupled with Hardware 2. 0 Hi-Speed support that allows for fast file move. Since it also functions being USB audio interface, user can record straight to computer, produce and edit music quickly.

Boasting 24 bit/96kHz Linear PCM production, on-board tuner, metronome and also mono mix features, this specific mini but mighty recorder possesses integrated reference speaker designed for quick playback. Auto-record and also pre-record features help design smooth and comprehensive production, no more misses. In your case who are looking to integrate live music and also sounds into your capture, the built-in M/S stereo decoder contains additional microphones and Hi-Z inputs can help you record guitar and bass as well. Studio effects such like guitar and bass amp modeling are as part of the shock-resistant Zoom H4n Recorder.

This mounting joint for tripod and also microphone stand mounting provide steady placement and plug-in strength ready for external microphones. Utilizing SD cards in lieu of tape or discs, you will see no mechanical noise and your recording will not be disturbed by vibrations. Converting WAV files into MP3 in your own home with integrated normalizing attributes. The Zoom H4n Recorder is sold with 1GB SD card, windscreen, microphone clip adapter, Alternating Current adaptor, USB cable, appropriate case, Cubase LE recording software and optional remote device. Whether you are your reporter ready for circumventing news, an event organizer interested in record a conference or lecture, or a professional musician on the lookout for durable recorder with great benefits and ultimate performance, you should buy zoom H4n handy portable digital recorder. When using the Zoom H4n Recorder, it is also possible to create professional-quality recordings anywhere and anytime you would like to.

Product Features:

- Built-in X/Y stereo microphones carefully consider 90 degree or 120 diploma recording

- Built-in and external microphones carefully consider 4-channel simultaneous recording, showing extraordinarily balance, clarity and also depth

- High quality microphone preamplifier this really is digitally controlled offers world-class, precise, rendered audio quality

- Sizeable 1. 9-inch LCD screen and improved ui enable easy operation

- 24-bit/96kHz Linear PCM production enables pristine recording

- Low-cut clean and limiter reduce racket for better recordings

- Reduce unwanted seem source position shifts using mono mix

- Simultaneous 2-track production and 4-track playback in your own home with MTR mode

- Blended XLR/Phone connectors enable guide microphone or guitar suggestions

- Hi-Z Inputs designed for recording guitar and bass sounds

- Studio-effects onboard, this includes guitar and bass amp modeling

- Built-in tuner permits easy pitch checking and also selectable metronome sound contains guided rhythm during production or practicing

- Built-in M/S stereo decoder allows the utilization of additional, external Mid-Side mic set-ups

- XLR advices with phantom power provide recording with any mic

- Supports plug-in strength type external microphones

- Integrated reference speaker contains recording check or examine playback when selecting taken files

- Built-in normalizing attributes allow volume level optimisation and conversion from WAV data into MP3 easily in the unit

- Time Stamping and Track Markers carefully consider Broadcast Wave Format or other professional A/V applications

- Automatic recording may help minimize blank sections, like during conference or spiel

- Pre-record feature allows you to catch anything you want to record right from the start even if it begins within a sudden

- MP3 production for increased recording time period

- Slot for very small SD or high-capacity SDHC memory cards about 32GB

- Phrase master with speed control playback

- Battery life can extend about 10 hours in lasting power mode

- USB 2. 0 Hi-Speed support contains faster file transfer from your recorder to the computer system

- Shock resistant plastic body for improved chassis protection

- Additional items like 1GB SD card, windscreen, and microphone clip adapter, Alternating Current adaptor, USB cable, appropriate case, Cubase LE production software included. Optional remote controller is also available to offer you control over various functions while preventing handling racket.


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