Can MetroPCS BlackBerry services really save you lots of dollars per year, per line?

MetroPCS, well known in many metropolitan areas around the U.S., provides customers with the BlackBerry Curve 8330. Available in the California, Florida, Georgia, and parts of the Texas and Michigan mobile communications markets, MetroPCS serves a niche market that favors low price all you can eat plans. If cost of mobile communication is a big factor for you, then MetroPCS data plans and packages used in conjunction with exchange account and hosted BlackBerry Enterprise Server plans will serve you well. Not only does your corporation benefit from additional savings, but you also receive top-notch IT support and even strong security for your corporate information.

The BlackBerry MetroPCS offers the Curve 8330, which has features that any mobile user can enjoy, including a full QWERTY keyboard and trackball. Other features include:

  • Wireless modem
  • Personal organizer
  • Built in Web browser
  • Phone
  • Camera (2.0 mega pixels)
  • Video recording capabilities
  • BlackBerry Maps application
  • Media player
  • Corporate data access
  • SMS for messaging
  • MMS
  • GPS
  • Password protection and keyboard lock

As well, the BlackBerry Curve 8330 phone integrates with BB Enterprise Server for Exchange, BES for IBM Lotus Domino and BES for Novell GroupWise. MetroPCS BlackBerry also integrates with existing enterprise and personal email accounts. Finally, it supports AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) or the Triple DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm for BES integration.

MetroPCS BlackBerry Services

MetroPCS BlackBerry services only have a small percent (5 million customers) of the mobile market. However, for corporate employees on the go in these metro areas, MetroPCS and BlackBerry is a great match. What the BlackBerry Curve 8330 doesnt already come with, MetroPCS provides.

MetroPCS BlackBerry services are fairly straightforward, and comparable to Boost Mobile. $60 per month gives you unlimited Web and email access, talk, and text; $70 per month adds Facebook applications, multimedia support, instant messaging and corporate BES email. $70 per month, per line gives you everything you need for mobile employees to stay connected. As well, there are no additional fees; all the fees youre used to with other mobile carriers are incorporated into the monthly cost. Finally, youll never have to sign a contract.

Can MetroPCS BlackBerry services really save you lots of dollars per year, per line? Compared to most unlimited packages, MetroPCS BlackBerry is an affordable solution for corporate employees and entrepreneurs.


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