Can You Believe Over 10 Billion Apps Have Now Been Downloaded?

On Saturday night, the 10 billionth download was made from Apples app store. The store has only been around for a little over 2 years but it such is the pervasive nature of apps in our lives that it seems like longer. The store is a hub that hosts around 350,000 apps that add a multitude if features to the iPhone. So interwoven into Western culture has the app store become that now when people ask if something can be done, a common response will be 'there's an app for that'

Apps fall under a number of different categories from games to genuinely useful utilities like a spirit level. The most popular app has by far and away been Angry Birds, a 2D made by Finnish developers where a variety of different birds are catapulted at green pigs that are trying to steal their eggs. As simple and unappealing it sounds, Angry Birds has seen massive popularity and even spawned soft toys and its very own cartoon series.

The rapid uptake of the iPhone is evident from the fact that seven billion of those 10 billion downloads have come in the last year, Smartphones are clearly getting more and more popular, just like car leasing uk is getting ever more popular, three hardware manufacturers have the hardware market covered - Apple, HTC and BlackBerry and software from both Apple and Google so Apple don't have it all their own way, the same is true with the iPad Ford Fiesta faces competition.

The value and prestige that is ascribed to the Apple brand along with its somewhat cult following should shore up its future success, the brand almost generates as much buzz as 2011 F1 season. Apple product releases continue to make headline news and the iPad2 and iPhone5 are not likely to buck that trend, further driving revenue to the app store.


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