Does It Make Us Happier To Have More Gadgets And Gizmos?

Electronic gadgets are something that I really love and whenever a new one appears on the market, I am the first one to get one. One thing that I can definitely say about these devices is that they do make me happy at least for a while. But whether or not these devices actually have an overall positive affect on every day life is something that there seems to be a lot of debate about. Do they generally make people happier? Both sides of this argument is something that will be examined in this article.

Nobody can doubt the wonderful things that electronic devices can actually do. Many of us these days tend to have more online friends than we do offline friends because it is so easy to communicate with people from all corners of the globe. Nearly every part of our lives can be made easier with the help of an electronic device and every day there are new things that we can do. The GPS technology means that it is not only a lot easier to drive from place to place but it can also tell us information about any interesting building we pass along the way. If you wanted to be able to take your entire collection of books with you wherever you go, then an eBook reader is a wonderful device to have as well. I could talk all the day about the wonders of modern technology, but is there a down side?

I think in some ways that modern devices are moving us further away from reality. We are now more likely to speak to people online or by text then we are to speak to them face to face. It is also far more likely that we will watch a video of a nature scene than actually go out and experience nature first hand. Many experts are worried about how mental health could be affected by the amount of time that is spent away from reality.

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