Get The Real Capture Quality With Panasonic HM-TA1

Panasonic HM-TA1

Panasonic presents new technology of pocket camcorder known as HM-TA1. We can experience the easy, fun and creative image capture, video shooting, or recording with this pocket camcorder.

Panasonic HM-TA1 is designed in user friendly operation, so simple and easy to use. We can easily acknowledge the button function similar to Rec for recording, and Play to look at the result. One button is made for a single use.

Inside the ultrathin design of Panasonic HM-TA1, there is a good technology that enables us to shoot full-HD motion pictures and photos. You'll enjoy recording high quality HD in 1920 x 1080/30p. It will be an awesome investment to record any particular moments or essential occasions at work. Capturing and saving important moments in gorgeous HD images will make an excellent investment. In addition, you should utilize iFrame application to record, import, and edit movie. It works with PC and Mac.

HM-TA1 is enriched with E.I.S. (Electrical Image Stabilization). It helps to fix hand-shake blurring that is usually present in compact cameras to create clear images. We can count on to take any pictures and videos in any situations with good high quality capture. No more fear of getting blur image. What a fear free.

The HM-TA1 is supplied by technology to allow us uploading video right away. The tranfser and uploading process simply need the TA1's constructed-in USB connected to PC or laptop. As soon as the USB is connected, the embedded HD Write PE 1.0 software runs automatically. We will get pleasure from sharing movies to family, associates, and also individuals around the world through YouTube¢ and Facebook.

Its fashionable elegant design offers another added worth as our companion. We can preserve it inside a pocket, hang it on hands, and slip it into bag or purse. We not have to lose any valuable moments to capture. Panasonic HM-TA1 releases 5 colors of gray, blue, purple, red, and white.

No more wondering. It could possibly be the perfect present either for yourselves or your loved ones. Select your favourite color of Panasonic HM-TA1 and begin having fun. Learn more at Panasonic HM-TA1 Review.


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