A Guide to the Best Sat Navs

Principally sat navs are designed to get you from A to B, simple. However, like most gadgetry, modern sat navs are now loaded with heaps of features and capabilities, including internet connection. Here are two products that prove sat navs are much more than simple navigation systems.

The Garmin sat nav 3790T is as sleek and stylish as the best smarthphones. This alluring product makes other sat navs look like Fisher Price toys. The Garmin is just 9mm thick and finished with glass and alloy. With a retail price of £330.00, the 3790T isn't cheap, so what justifies such a high-price tag? The product is a direct response to the development of GPS apps seen on smarthphone; essentially this sat nav is a smarthphone. Best of all, this sat nav is quick and locks on to satellites nearly instantly. The sat nav is surprisingly accessible, with a practical menu and plenty of short-cuts to features.

The TomTom Go Live 1000 has been hailed as the best sat nav on the market. This model is available at £280.00. At such a price, one may expect it to have tonnes of frivolous features which make accessibility seem nigh-on impossible. However, despite the abundance of features on the Go Live 1000, it makes navigation it's essentials its main priority. There are little accompaniments that tarnish its capabilities. The TomTom has ported its UI to the same Webkit back-end that results in the iPad's speedy browser. The model also possesses an impeccable HD Traffic service which works out where jams are by tracking the signals of mobile phones. TomTom are working on a sat nav with Parking sensors capabilities.If all this isn't enough to convince you to purchase a TomTom, then maybe the voice of Brian Blessed will incite you. He is the latest celebrity to add his tone to the TomTom catalogue.


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