Helping Your Business Achieve Savings With Voip

With the financial squeeze on business looking to bite even further in 2011, there is more pressure than ever to trim ongoing costs and optimize your business as far as you can. One of the areas which you can check to see you are not spending more than you have to is company communications. Are you still using a landline network that's effectively on a pricing band for a much larger company? If so, you may be pleasantly surprised at the savings you can make by looking at voip systems to replace the standard phone network.

Most companies that operate more than two incoming caller lines opt for one of the business voip phone service rates that include a dedicated call server to handle voice traffic. You can attempt to handle all your calls with the same broadband connection as your internet, however it's likely that bandwidth generated by multiple internet sessions and voice calls will overwhelm your server and will get choppy quality on the phones. Early criticisms of voip often focussed on this, although strictly speaking it is a shortfall of the actual implementation than a drawback to the technology itself.

You will still get the benefits of the voip network free calls to other voip phones and better rates on international phone discussions. Some voip packages will offer an number of free call minutes to overseas numbers and you can often extend this package further if calling abroad is going to be a major factor in your business operation. Just imagine every technical and phone support requests were not charged at all! The savings on these, never mind client calls would probably be a substantial amount over the course of a year.

Another attractive option about voip packages is the free feature set that are included as part of the service. Things such as caller ID, voicemail and other call shepherding features that a business needs are all usually free. Although you may have to upgrade your landline subscription just to get these, they should be absolutely free and ready for use with voip.


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