The Kindle Wireless Reading Device Makes A Cool Gadget For Traveling

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The Kindle EBook Reader is a wonderful gadget for your travels. What follows are some of the great many reasons why this gadget is one of the best things you can take with you on a long trip!

Arguably the best reason to purchase a Kindle reading device is all of the space that it saves. One Kindle can hold about 3,500 books. Do you have any idea how much space lugging around 3,500 books would take? If you're a someone who likes to have many books available to read then the Kindle is the perfect space saving gadget.

And those 3,500 books are just the amount of books that it can store in its memory. Really you have access to well over a million different books when you have your Kindle with you because you can download books in just moments with its worldwide wireless 3G connectivity!

One really cool thing about this reading device is the fact that there are over 1.8 million out of copyright pre 1923 books that can be easily downloaded without any cost whatsoever. This basically means that when you order a Kindle your "virtual library" expands to nearly about two million books immediately!

Another awesome feature of the Kindle is the way it can download the latest version of a newspaper in the morning in just a few moments. If you are subscribed to the New York Times then you can have it available to read on your Kindle when you wake up in the morning (regardless of where you are in the world!) The larger 9.7" Kindle DX is a good selection for anyone who is going to be reading a lot of newspapers on their gadget.

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