Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera Review - A Great Tiny Video Camera

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When you want a video camera that may quickly fit into your pocket, the Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera will be the one. Kodak is noted for creating good high quality inexpensive nonetheless and video cameras, plus the Zi6 is no exception. The HD videos you'll be able to get are particularly sharp, exhibiting exceptional clarity. When played back on a large-screen LCD television, the results are exceptional. It's so little, yet what it delivers is exceptional.

As always, with digital video cameras, it doesn't do very effectively whenever you have low-light levels; but other than that, it is a big performer. All of the way from zoom to macro, you'll get vibrant shots which rival a lot more expensive video cameras. You may alter the high quality levels in between VGA, that's fairly inadequate - but VGA is always fairly inadequate, to HD, and also get them at HD-60 high quality, which permits you to be flexible. All video cameras get nonetheless pictures, as well; but due to the fact that wasn't their ideal intended objective, that is not the reason you'll want this video camera; it is an excellent extra plus, even though.

Here are some of the advantages of the Kodak Zi6:

1. Since it takes common AA batteries, even though, it can be very versatile. That implies that you may purchase a separate AA battery charger, that way, and charge up as a lot of AA batteries as you feel you'll need.

2. Also, when you run out of energy, you may always purchase common AA alkaline batteries. The batteries are depleted very quick, even though, so you'll be swapping them out all the time unless you have pre-charged a bunch to maintain with you.

3. You have no means of storing your videos unless you might have an SD card. This implies it is very expandable, even though. You may purchase as a lot of SD cards as you'd like, by doing this, and never run out.

4. The SD cards often be a lot more expensive than a similar Flash card, but they're also much smaller to carry. The SD is most likely probably the most common size in digital cameras and video cameras, now.

To become honest, the Kodak Zi6 model does have some flaws:

1. The default mode of the camera is HD, and will not be able to be transformed to HD 60, that's irritating.

2. The instructional manual is sorely missing details enough to understand the way to use all the features.

3. And you may as well throw away the computer software which came using the CD, as it tends to create your laptop or computer lock-up or crash, and it does little a lot more than let you download the videos in your laptop or computer. When you wish to truly edit the videos, you'll have to use other video editing computer software deals.

So, it is main features are good high quality at a very transportable size. That it takes common AA batteries can be a good promoting stage, however, due to the fact the lifestyle of the batteries is so short, you'll be substitute them a whole lot. It takes very reasonable-quality HD videos which maintain up effectively even on big screens.

Nonetheless, the sound of the zoom interferes when you're recording. The cost is good, so if you're looking for a video camera that's little, transportable, takes common AA batteries, and provides good high quality HD videos, the Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera may be what you're looking for. To see more new products 2011, just click HERE!


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