Laser beam Inkjet printer 11 By 17

color laser printer 11x17

Many offices are switching to a laser printer 11 x 17 inches in dimension so that they can printer larger documents but at the same incredibly high quality and fast printing times that we have come to expect from laser printers. Eleven by seventeen inches, also called tabloid sized paper, is twice the size of regular letter sized printer paper and gives you a great deal more flexibility in your printing needs.

There is no more need to shrink down your documents to print them on smaller paper now that you can print them full size on 11x17 paper. The most common larger laser printers are only black and white. You can buy large color laser printers, but they are incredibly expensive since they need to do the printing process four separate times with 4 different toner cartridges which are black, blue, yellow, and red. They are good for printing illustrations and PowerPoint slides but you may not be happy with their reproduction of photos: An ink jet printer will usually be better than a laser for printing out photos since they can shoot smaller dots in order to reproduce fine color gradients with greater accuracy.

In addition to proofing large documents, you can also use a laser printer 11 x 17 inches for printing larger posters and banners around the office that are easier to see and read than smaller banners printed on normal sized paper. Most offices with a larger laser printer adore the convenience and wouldn't return to a small printer unless it's absolutely necessary.


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