Luton Airport To Introduce Holographic Representatives To Welcome New Arrivals

If you are a fan of science fiction movies you will be no stranger to the idea of holographic people. Examples of such would be the holographic crew members on the series Red Dwarf or the Holodeck that we saw on Star Trek Next Generation who could forget these? For most of us, these things were completely science fiction and would never ever become a reality but believe it or not, the Holodeck could be closer than any of us ever imagined. The first of these holographic people is already working in the most unlikely of places; let's face it, Luton Airport isn't the first place we think of when we imagine this type of technology. Surprisingly though, it does seem that this airport is about to lead the way in holographic technology.

There are now 2 holographic representatives greeting arrivals at security at Luton Airport. These workers are called Holly and Graham and these names were chosen because they are a play on the work hologram. Although they look quite impressive, some people have been saying that they cannot really be called holograms as they are just projected onto flat glass. We have to remember that this really is only the beginning for technology such as this. But when you think about the rapid developments that we have seen in other technology, we may see holographic people out and about before the end of this decade.

But you are likely to be very impressed when you see holographic Graham and Holly on arriving at Luton Airport, especially if you are like me and a bit of a geek where technology is concerned. You can probably expect there to be huge developments in this technology because after all, it is only the beginning of it. This is definitely something that you should be watching to see what develops as it is sure to be exciting.

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