Mobile Phone Safety The Commonsense Approach

Safe mobile phone use doesn't need to involve too much effort or complication; a lot of it is just commonsense. However for most of us, the fact that we don't think carefully is what actually causes the trouble for us. If you want to know how to use your commonsense to ensure you are using your mobile phone safely then the tips below should help.

- Nearly everyone will know that it is dangerous to use a mobile phone while at the wheel of a car but a lot of people are unaware that it is actually considered to be worse than driving under the influence of alcohol. There is now no excuse for ever driving while chatting into a mobile phone at our ear. We can safely talk with people on the phone though, by having a hands free device. If you need to take or make a call when driving and you do not have a hands free kit then you should pull over to the side of the road to do this.

- Everyone knows that mobile phones emit radiation but it will be a long time before we will know if there are any dangers associated with this. So for the moment it is best to just assume that there could be harm caused by mobile phones but not to get too worried about it. As long as we don't spend hours every day with the phone to our ear we should be OK. If you think you are spending too much time on your mobile then you should consider a hands free kit.

- It is not always a good idea to be using your mobile phone when you are out and about. If you are walking through a dodgy location at night time you might be best keeping your phone out of sight. If you are using your phone, then you may find that criminals will attempt to steal it or mug you because they see that you are distracted.

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