Motorola Droid Pro

How will you differentiate from a "consumer" smart phone as well as a "business" smart phone? Motorola attempts to answer that question with all the Droid Pro,an Android 2.2 device with a physical QWERTY keyboard, a pre-installed light version from the Quickoffice Mobile Suite, and Microsoft Exchange support for secure corporate e-mail. But while Motorola has added these pro amenities, you will have to make some sacrifices to handle this BlackBerry alternative, including a half inch of display size. So should business users pick the Droid Pro over consumer-focused Droids and RIM's latest devices? This will depend on your own priorities.

The Motorola DROID Pro may share a questionaire factor with BlackBerry, but it sure doesn't find that one. Firstly it truly is narrow and tall, and the screen is very large. BlackBerry devices typically have displays of approximately 2.4 inches, orientated horizontally, though the DROID Pro includes a 3.1" display in portrait orientation. This leaves less room for any keyboard within dimensions, and as such the keyboard is a bit more cramped than you should find on a Curve or Bold. Motorola attempts to utilize flared key design like we've seen with all the Bold and Style, though the keys just don't feel as natural during this device. As the screen dominates the phone underneath row of keys ends up at the very bottom from the phone, and this also makes with it a lttle bit awkward, a lot like whatever we felt with all the sides from the BlackBerry Style. A top-flight BlackBerry keyboard this is simply not, but having said that it's still great.Motorola used premium quality materials for any Pro, but i'd have preferred a soft-touch back as opposed to the plastic they wanted. Nonetheless the DROID Pro feels quite solid within the hand so we don't have any issues about its quality.The 3.1" display is nice but is not great. It provides a resolution of 320x480 and it is bright enough to generally be read in the majority of lighting conditions comfortably. Perhaps you may expect it is a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen.

Interface and Messaging
The Droid Pro's smallish screen also affects how you would meet up with Android. Small icons mean you will want better try and make certain you hit the icon of your choosing.As with all 2.2 Froyo phones, you will discover seven home pages, with each could be full of a number of widgets and "live" shortcut icons for your selection of functions for example calendar, Messages, Data Usage (handy for tracking roaming charges), Weather, social networking, plus much more.To compensate for any small icons, Motorola included not really a side Action key, that may be programmed to one-touch open any app, though the Quick Launch Settings function, which allows you to definitely map a function to each and every alpha key.A lot of the Droid Pro's primary business features aren't everything special for Android. Virtually all new Android phones running or upgraded to OS 2.0 or later include Microsoft Exchange. You merely need to ensure you obtain the precise settings from your company. Also included are corporate directory lookup, and, such as the Droid 2, a unified calendar to sync a company calendar with Google calendar.The security-conscious will appreciate the Droid Pro's remote wipe capabilities for both the phone's internal and Sdcard memory and password support. Encryption for any phone and the Sdcard is because be accessible sometime early next year.

Connectivity and Software
The Motorola Droid Pro has a few distinctive features compared to Verizon's other Android devices. To start with, there is dual-mode functionality, which means that the phone supports both CDMA and GSM technologies for world-roaming capabilities. Domestically, the smartphone will work on Verizon's CDMA/EV-DO Rev. A network, but will then automatically detect and plunge to the international GSM bands, helping you to call people and receive data on a trip abroad. (The Droid Pro offers overseas 3G support.)

The Motorola DROID Pro is available a lttle bit short here. Users could hear us without issue, but asserted we sounded tinny and referred to as the DROID Pro an "echo chamber." Additionally complained we were slightly muffled and overall rated us at 7.5/10.Battery life is usually a better story, with all the Pro rated for 7 hours of usage quite good, especially for an Android device.


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