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Making data digital has several advantages some of which include high compression, the ease of management, ability to organize easily, etc. Print media are difficult to manage, prone to degradation and are vulnerable to the agents of nature.

You can easily manage and manipulate digital photographs with an editing software and they don't suffer from any of these problems that the print media does. Printed photographs and other materials can be digitized using a flatbed scanner.

A flatbed scanner is a must have if you want quality scans. What's more is that these flatbed scanners can also serve as photo scanners. A number of companies that are into document management create scanners. A few of them are Canon, Xerox, HP, etc. Specialized scanners are available for scanning films and antique documents.

A scanner has some of the same parts as a digital camera, whereas a camera captures the whole scene in one shot, the scanner 'scans' the document line by line producing high resolution images. If you compare the speeds, the camera wins by far. Technically, flatbed scanners contain a photo sensitive chip mounted on a carriage capable of moving in the horizontal plane, a light source and associated control electronics. The host computer to which the scanner is connected sends control signals to position and move the photo sensor, as the sensor moves across the document it detects the difference in reflectivity of the paper and sends the information as electronic signals to the computer, the processing software stitches and creates an image of the scanned document.

Flatbed scanners are now standard with inkjet printers and are suitable for home and office usage.. They are cheap and produce acceptable scans. You can find many helpful scanner reviews on the internet.

When choosing scanners the most important specifications to consider are the resolution and color accuracy.

Dots per inch (dpi) determine the resolution of a scanner, higher dpi result in higher quality scans. 600, 1200 and 2400 dpi are standard resolutions. Color accuracy can be determined from the number of bits used; 16, 32 and 48 bits are standard. Compared to a 32 bit sensor a 48 bit sensor has a higher color accuracy. 2400 dpi sensors are typically used in some of the best photo scanner from Canon and other brands.


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