Penetrating Reviews of Vacuum cleaners

It is no secret at all to millions of households that Dyson vacuums pack a lot of punch when it comes to cleaning. Dyson is also know for the variety of cleaners they produce. They have regular designs as well as many that are meant for those who have allergies to pet dander and dust. Pets shed a lot more than just hair, and that can cause issues. Dogs and cats have pet dander, but then again so do birds! Do keep reading if you want to understand Dyson vacuums more plus read some reviews.

One well known model is the Dyson DC25 all floors vacuum. This particular vacuum cleaner has gotten excellent reviews from consumers. People who favor the DC25 state how it has the best capability to clean floors and carpets. Because it is so easy to control is another feature that people like so much about this particular vacuum cleaner. While in testing, the DC25 only got average ratings for its noise levels. That seems to be something common in feedback often seen on Dyson vacuums. However we tend to feel the possible issue of noise, for those who are sensitive to it, is a fair exchange when you consider their units are designed specifically to control allergens and other sensitivity problems.

The Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister vacuum cleaner contains 220 air watts of powerful suction. Although all Dyson vacuum cleaners have the Root Cyclone technology for getting dirt from the air, the DC23 TurbineHead has a better version called Level 3 Root Cyclone. This version just has more suction power. You will find the TurbineHead brush bar that is for efficient cleaning of short pile and medium pile carpets. Also, this bar can be switched out if you want to clean hard floors.

The Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum Cleaner is next on our list of reviews. One amazing feature of the Dyson DC22 Turbinehead Canister Vacuum Cleaner is its digital motor. The reason we say this is because it is one third the size of the normal Dyson motors, yet it still retains a high degree of suction power. This unit also uses a high quality HEPA filter without the use of bags to dispose of. Some have complained that it seems heavy for a small vacuum while others have commented that the cord could be just a little bit longer.

We hope our Dyson vacuums reviews were helpful for you even if they are brief. You can get basic information about specific models and then compare them to what you need. We think that you should consider the Dyson line of vacuums even if you don't suffer from allergies or other problems. Simply put, these vacuums were specifically designed for a particular type of person, so you know that they will do a sensational job of cleaning your home. Learn more regarding vacuuming and vacuum cleaners here.


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