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Odor and dust can primarily affect the human nostrils and may complicate to more severe respiratory illnesses. The most usual symptoms of nostril infection are the nonstop sneezing and breathing difficulties. The quality of work and the productivity of the workers will be affected directly if unpleasant odor is not controlled the right way. No one would ever be able to tolerate unpleasant odors for days.

This kind mobile dust control system not only applies to all dust but can also be used for other means. It also controls unpleasant odors that may come from the quarry site - odor varies on the type of dirt or stone material being quarried. The odor along with the dust, can also affect the health of the quarry workers and the people living in the nearest neighborhood from the site.

The hundreds of billions of microscopic wet particles will suppress the dust in the air from the quarry. The micro water droplets from the atomizer will help prevent the dust from spreading the more and farther. This giant unit is a lot much better than any spray or nozzle system. The misting system covers greater area and takes only a little time and effort to control dust in the air. Most of these units also have available power and water system that can be towed along with the atomizing unit.

A misting system is a kind of mobile dust control. It actually is composed of a mobile atomizing unit that can be easily towed into the quarry area. The thick clouds of dust that is usually present in the work area can be easily eliminated by the misting system. How do mobile atomizers work? Well, an atomizer is a huge rotating head that emits moist particles in the air.

Other adults who also already have respiratory tract problems will have more complications. To ensure protection for the people living very near the quarrying sites, and of course the quarry workers, an efficient dust control system must be used to clear of dust every after working hours.

Where there is quarry, there absolutely is dust. Dust from quarrying can be very hazardous to health. Respiratory tract ailments can result from inhaling dust in the air, most especially to children who have weaker body resistance.


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