What New Devices Will We All Want In 2011

If technology is something that you love then you will be delighted to know that there will be plenty of devices around in 2011. The following are some of the must have devices which will be appearing in 2011. You will probably be considered to be a bit behind the times if you don't have a few of these devices at least.

- The 3D television will probably be the main sensation that we are going to see this year. The technology for this type of device has improved dramatically in recent years and we now have options that will work as feasible entertainment. At the moment, 3D televisions require the user to wear 3D glasses but there are rumours that in 2011 we will see 3D televisions introduced which will not require us to wear these glasses at all.

- There are many people who are claiming that Apple are going to see a huge challenge from Google Android devices in 2011. You will probably see the Nexus One smart phone becoming huge over the next few months. This phone or another Android phone could even become more popular than the iPhone and it would not be surprising if this happened.

- Although the iPad is now leading the tablet market we can expect plenty of other tablet devices released this year. People have warmed to this format straight away so we will probably see some new technology which will just blow our minds.

- The continued improvements in HD media means that it may finally take over this year. These days, more of us are going for Blu Ray as opposed to DVD as this is the best way to watch TV and movies we could even see the end of the DVD altogether. And with cinema trips costing a small fortune for a family, it will be no surprise that people will prefer to stay at home and watch a movie instead.

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