Zoom H4n Handheld Audio Recorder - Integral Mics and Flexible Field Recording Machine

The Zoom H4n is effective for the musician using a budget. It can record from a unique mics, or interface to help studio mics or mixer via XLR or tiny jacks.

Small enough and fit in the palm of the hand, but big enough to offer you XLR balanced audio interaction to studio equipment, the Zoom H4n is actually a welcome revision of Zoom's early H4 audio field recorder. It is actually equally at home in the studio of a garage band just as the hands of a fabulous podcaster to record great interviews or using a sound hunting or phonography task.

Features and Overview belonging to the Zoom H4N Audio Area Recorder.

The Zoom H4n data on SD or SDHC cards roughly 32Gb in capacity, and that is plenty of media room or space - a 74 minute audio CD concerns 0. 7Gb of audio just for comparison, so the largest card holds just over 50 yours of CD format audio.

At the top of the unit is actually a stereo XY crossed pair coincident microphone, which will be set to narrow (90 degree) setting to record a person player, or set to 120 degrees for several musicians or a expansive soundfield. The Zoom H4n seriously isn't limited to using the internal microphones, however. It possesses a particularly versatile set of input jacks which may cope with almost virtually any common microphone type. a fabulous 3. 5mm jack manages unbalanced stereo microphones, and plug-in-power will be switched on for many of these electrets.

At the base belonging to the unit are the combined XLR/TRS jack sockets, which may accept balanced inputs, additionally, the Zoom H4n can likewise power studio microphones through P48 phantom power, or indeed P12 for mics that will use this.

The 2 minute preroll buffer is a second attractive recording feature. When activated additionally, the record button is sent and flashes red, the sewing machine continuously records a couple of second recirculating loop. This is certainly then prepended to the root recording which starts when record button is pressed the second time and lights constant red. This way the recordist can capture the two seconds before the key recording is started, a boon for animals sound recordists and metropolitan field recordists who looking to capture unscripted sounds.

Finally, unusually for a recorder at this area of the price range, a MS decoding matrix will be selected. this lets typically the recordist monitor a MS recording in stereo, while still laying along the recording in mid-side to find flexibility in post-production.

Whether you will be a reporter ready just for breaking news, an event organizer interested to record a conference and also lecture, or a professional musician in search of durable recorder with wonderful features and ultimate performance, you should look and buy zoom h4n handy portable digital recorder.


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