Accessories for the HTC Thunderbolt, the Perfect Gift

Special events such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries should be extremely fun and joyful. But what often happens is that the pressure of finding that perfect gift saps all of that energy. It's not easy to look for a gift that someone is going to like and that fits your personal budget. Or maybe it is and we've just been looking in all the wrong places. Take the HTC Thunderbolt, for instance. This is one of the most highly anticipated phones ever made and it's going to be a phone that's going to be fun to accessorize. Better yet, HTC has made a massive of selection of HTC Thunderbolt accessories available at all budget levels.

Perhaps the most popular accessory is a HTC Thunderbolt case or screen protector. These vital accessories can be a great gift if the person you're getting it for hasn't got it yet. You also have a larger selection of styles to choose from. There are cases made from ABS plastic, silicone, rubberized materials and even leather. You can buy them with or without built-in screen protectors, and you can purchase screen protectors individually that are universal or cut specifically to the Thunderbolt. One of the more popular choices is the durable plastic case that includes an exact screen protector.

A HTC Thunderbolt battery is another excellent and affordable choice. By default, the HTC Thunderbolt includes a 1400mAh battery. It's not a horrible feature but the Thunderbolt uses a lot of energy. Many users are most likely going to opt to go with the larger battery with 2750mAh and put aside the default battery. These batteries comes with an extended battery door that accommodates the size of the battery and this can usually be obtained for less than $75. Of course, that's more expensive than your typical case or screen protector is but it makes for a great gift.

If you decide to spend less than your budget, you may want to consider a charger. The HTC Thunderbolt comes with a charger in the box, but that charger is best suited to home use. Most users will need a travel charger with a USB lead. And if USB ports are not included inside the car, then they'll have to separately acquire a cigarette lighter adapter. Another idea is to buy an adaptor that allows you to plug a USB charger into a wall outlet, which is an especially convenient charging accessory for those who travel a lot.

So what if even that's too much to spend? Do you need a small gift, something like a stocking stuffer? Then a charm may do some wonders. Phone charms are usually very cheap and it's a great way to accessorize your phone. And since they're inexpensive and easy to attach, it makes it convenient for the user who likes to change up their style often. Keep in mind that charms aren't just for women. There is a wide range of charms for men boasting logos from the world's most popular sports franchises.


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