Android News - Know Why You Should Switch To Android Phones

Over the years, technology has advanced so much that many people are not surprised to find constant changes in the equipment that they are using on a regular basis. And if you are not convinced yet about this rate of evolution, then take a look at your mobile phones. When these phones came out initially, they gained much popularity because of their SMS and call functions. Nowadays, however, one cannot help but be on the lookout for amazing applications that are packed in this handheld device. The latest craze in mobile technology is the smart phone. Have you heard the latest android news? Android is an operating system bundle developed by Google and other members of Open Handset Alliance for mobile devices which include an operating system, a middleware and key applications. Android is one of the most popular smart phone OS which competes with the Blackberry, Windows Mobiles and iOS platforms. While they may be too technical to comprehend, these systems are intended to provide users with a way to maximize the functionality and features of their phones. But what makes Android the excellent choice?

One of the best things about purchasing phones that have the Android OS is that the platform is developed in an open source system. This means that all the tools to create an app is available to everyone. In addition, Android provides its user the fastest and most responsive browser that contributes positively to the user's browsing experience. Not only that, one will be delighted with the best android applications he can find. To name a few, there are the Google Voice, Nesoid, Google Finance, Google Listen, Taskiller and Triplt. Further, the GPS tool is also available in Android phones. They boast of an application that can transform your phone into a navigation machine guiding you not only as you drive but when while you walk. And when it comes to ease of use, nothing comes close to this system. There are many different options but all are visual and laid out perfectly. Indeed it is user friendly.

You can find so many other reasons why Android phones are worth the investment. And should you be interested in learning more about Android phones and the amazing Android technology, then can be of service to you. If you are currently planning to buy your first smart phone or are looking to change the one you currently have, then consider getting Android phones and you will not be disappointed. Pay attention to testimonials and reviews and be better equipped when you make decisions. Know what technology can really do by owning this device that makes use of a smart operating system.


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