Apple company MacBook Pro 15-inch (Penryn) Evaluation

Apple MacBook Pro MC721LL/A 15.4Inch Laptop

1. OverviewThe Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop is a fantastic looking machine. Encased inside a standard good looking Apple chassis, it has a load of features beneath that pretty exterior. The appliance also runs the latest 2.6-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 processor (also known as Penryn). Additionally you find the Mac OS X os in this handset installed understanding that opens many of the Mac based programs you would like.

2. Design
On the subject of design, the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch carries a weight of 5.3 pounds. I find it amazing the designers was able to fit that computing power as transportable, less then an inch thick body. You'll definitely learn that this Apple MacBook Pro is among the sexier laptops out there.

3. Display
One of several nice top features of the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch could be the LED backlight. Yeah, this backlight is very cool coz it fires up your machine as soon as the ambient surroundings gets dark colored. In case you crave large, gorgeous displays to learn your movies and games, next the 1440 x 900 resolution of your machine, displayed on that 15.1 inch scren will unquestionably not disappoint.

4. Keyboard as well as other Controls
Ok, why not consider the laptop keyboard and other controls? The laptop keyboard is really comfortable to type with, but that's not one of the most outstanding charge of this machine. The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch has a solid feature named the gesture-based touchpad. This fantastic feature helps you pinch and navigate utilizing your finger movements. This feature can also be perfectly located at the iPhone and MacBook Air. If you decide to like cool, sexy navigation features, this MacBook is made for you.

5. Ports and Connections
The Apple MacBook Pro boasts 802.11n wireless connectivity (which incidentally could be the latest in wireless technology for laptops, the older ones being 802.11a and 802.11g). There are also ample USB ports so you might connect any external devices required.

6. Battery Life
The batter lifetime of this MacBook Proc is fairly amazing, at about Three hours 56 minutes. This is probably due to the Penryn process from Intel, which runs more effectively than older kinds of processors.

7. Shortcomings
Right, what are the shortcomings of the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch? Well, to be frank with you - nothing much. Perhaps the only downside is the price tag. But in my opinion, the extra price is worth it for all the features you get, especially that gesture-based touchpad.

On the whole, the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch based on the Penryn processor provides top-of-the-line performance combined with a sleek, sexy design. If you are looking for a cool machine that has better computing power than the MacBook Air, then the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch might just be for you. So do check it out, and until next time - happy computing!


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