Apple iPad 2 - Second Generation of Tablets

Everyone knows the Apple has a device that changed the whole tablet PC segment. However, taking a closer look at the extremely successful iPad will reveal that it is not the perfect Tablet PC by any means. It did not have a proper camera that will facilitate in video conferencing, nor did it have Facetime application, which made the Apple iPhone 4 so revolutionary. Instead, it was just similar to the original Apple iPhone, which was lacking in one of the aforementioned features. However, he did not take long for Apple to release the Apple iPhone 3GS and it seems to be the same case with the Apple as Apple have recently announced the launch of the iPad 2, which will be the successor to the famous Apple iPad.

The new Apple iPad 2 will be coming with the same 9.7 inch touch screen display that was seen in the original iPad. This sticks with the philosophy of Apple in order to go along with the same size display in the replacement models. The display, however, seems to be slightly better due to the improvement of resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels. The major improvement, though, comes in the processor department. Instead of the single core processor than the previous Apple D, the new Apple iPad 2 will be using a dual core processor. This is expected to make a big difference and Apple claims that this will be offering more than nine times the processing power of the original iPad. The super increase in the power will mean that you will be able to enjoy the games with better graphics without putting too much strain on the processor.

This will be translated into better lifetime for the battery on a single charge. It will be coming with up to 10 hours of battery life due to the increase in the efficiency. Another feature that gets a major revamp has to be the presence of cameras. This is something that was heavily criticised in the original iPad and it has been rectified to some extent in the Apple iPad 2. It will be having a 0.7 megapixel camera in the rear, which will be capable of 720 p HD video recording. The front facing camera in the new Apple iPad 2 will be one that will be having a VGA resolution. The Facetime application is expected to make the difference when it comes to video conferencing because it will be able to use the secondary camera in order to facilitate in video conferencing.

Given that all forms of connectivity options were present in the original Apple itself, you will be getting the same in the latest version of the iPad as well. The Apple iPad 2 has just been launched by Apple and it is going to be available in the United Kingdom by the 26th of March. The United Kingdom is going to be one of the very first countries to be getting this new product from Apple.


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